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The No Zone Cone
Boobooloon shop

Welcome to the BooBoolution!

It is time to get BooBooFied!

You have stumbled upon the biggest hoopla that the pet industry has experienced since the striped Chihuahua sweater!

The BooBooLoon® Air Cushioned Pet Recovery Collar™ is the most innovative way to protect your pet! Say bon voyage to the old hard plastic Elizabethan Cone. No longer will your pet have difficulty eating, sleeping or being comfortable while recovering from surgery or a skin ailment.

The BooBooLoon® humane recovery collar is a soft and flexible pillow-like cushion that gently adheres around the neck and fastens with hook and loop fasteners. Your pet can move easily, eat regularly and sleep soundly through the night. Yup, you've found the most comfy recovery collar in town!

  • "Jackson is now able to eat and sleep with the Boobooloon® collar on and is on his road to recovery in comfort and style!"
    -Royal Palm
    Veterinary Hospital

  • "BooBooLoon's® have been a wonderful addition to our practice. Pets are still able to... get into a comfortable position while wearing a BooBooLoon®."
    -Oak Lawn City Vet

  • "Clients are more likely to use them on their pets because the pets seem more comfortable. I think it was a great invention, I wish I thought of it."
    - South Orange
    Animal Hospital

  • "Our 15 year old "puppy" who is deaf and has limited vision rests comfortably without stress when she wears her Boobooloon®. She can eat, play and sleep in comfort while her booboo foot heals."
    A Satisfied BooBooBuddy

  • "We send home all of our dogs that receive sutures with Boobooloon's®– our patients and their pet parents love them!"
    -Hometown Animal Hospital



The BooBooLoon® is such an innovative product that it has numerous uses not only for your pet, but for YOU as well! We will name a few....